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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Put On Your ThrillerFest Best!

One more week! I can't wait! I've started emailing friends who I'll meet in NY at ThrillerFest. We're making plans as to where to meet, what to drink and how to make the best of our convention experience.

There are so many people I look forward to meeting! Some because they are friends, like Barbara Vey and Douglas Clegg, some because they are people I've worked with like Heather Graham and Nina Bruhns. There are people I feel like I know because I've talked with them online like Joe Moore and James Rollins and then of course there's the reader side of me that's star struck to see Sandra Brown, Clive Cussler and Steve Berry. This is going to be a fantastic week of fun, networking and learning!

I know some of you will be blogging and Tweeting, some will be doing interviews both audio and video. I would love to know if you plan on doing that during the event! I hope you'll share! If you are Tweeting our official Twitter handle is #thrillerfest. So please be sure to include that in your Tweets so we can find you and so we can help promote your Tweets!

I will be doing little videos during the convention as will Barbara Vey of Publisher's Weekly and a few others. Look for us! If you will be talking about ThrillerFest during the event and would like us to cross-promote or share your blogs, tweets or video please let me know! You can contact me at sheila.english@thrillerwriters.org.

It's time to start getting ready! I'm off to prepare for the event, buying new shoes and breaking out my best fake diamonds! I'll leave you with a wonderful video Barbara Vey took of Brad Thor last year during ThrillerFest. This was lost in the archives until recently and I'm so happy to be able to share it!


  1. Could not find you on Twitter?
    I will be giving daily *tweets* while attending Thrillerfest so I can update everyone on my path to getting published.

  2. I couldn't find you on Twitter as well - is thrillerfest the full handle? thanks!