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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Choosing Your ThrillerFest Experience – Establishing Goals

Writing and time management and getting the most out of your ThrillerFest experience means knowing what’s available during the convention and matching it to your wants and needs as a writer, editor, marketer or reader.

When preparing for a convention that has multiple opportunities I like to be very specific about what my goals are when I arrive. Some people like to look at the list of events, show up and play it by ear and that’s fine, I’m just not that kind of person. I worked in clinical laboratory science for 18 years so I tend to be more methodical and outcome driven.

Conventions are fun, but they are also an investment. You invest in money and in time regardless of why you’re going. If you’re going just for the fun you still need to know what’s going on and arrange to be where you think the most fun is bound to occur.

As I prepare for ThrillerFest I continually go back to the website to see if any additions or changes have occurred. I read the newsletters and emails that come in from ITW with an eye toward opportunity. I have my ThrillerFest list that includes the following:

1. What writers to do I want to meet for fun?
a. Where will they be available that I’m most likely to get to chat with them?
b. Are they doing a signing and what books would I like signed?
c. Will there be in photo ops? Where?

2. What writers to I want to meet for business?
a. Should I make an actual appointment?
b. Will I meet them as/if I can? Where?
c. What exactly do I want to talk to them about?
d. How long will the meeting last and what should I bring with me?

3. What business will I do for COS Productions and what do I need to do for ITW?

4. As a writer, what workshops or events should I attend to work on my craft?

5. As a marketer what workshops or events should I attend?

6. I like to write out goals that I can measure after the event. It gives me a sense of attaining ROI (return on investment). So I make my list and then review the percentage of workshops, events or meetings that I was actually able to attend. I’ll get very detailed in what my goals are –
a. Network with industry professionals
b. Get at least 10 business cards for COS to follow up after ThrillerFest
c. Get at least 10 commitments for ITW Interviews for later this year
d. Attend all marketing and promotions workshops and blog on those post con
e. Get pictures of party events for fun blogging on ITW social sites
f. Connect with COS clients attending ThrillerFest
g. Get at least 2 video interviews with authors attending TF to put on ITW sites

My list may change according to events and attendees. But, you can see how it is developing to ensure best ROI for the event.

Next Wednesday I’ll go over what goals you might set according to why you’re attending ThrillerFest. In the meantime, here’s a video interview I did with Alexandra Sokoloff last month during a book lovers convention in Orlando. Alex talks about some of the benefits of attending ThrillerFest. You can find more on the ITW MySpace or get up to the minute information by following us on Twitter at- thrillerwriters.

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